Version 0.4.0 released!

Hi there!

Here we are with another update.

~Added MINIGAME (can be unlocked by finding a certain item after beating the game once)
~Added Control tutorial in both main menu and pause menu
 (will probably be removed in the final release)
~Added "fatal health" effect, but it will only work on NORMAL/HARD action
difficulty to discourage players from always playing on EASY.
~Added MouseSensitivity (only affects DontMove) and Double Exposure
 (D.Exposure mostly doesn't appear except at some points/situations)
~Added additional dialog in intro for locked door(s)
~Improved [DontMove]: smooth, no more jumps, a lot easier even on HARD
 (this change was made for physical release, will be changed back to its
 original difficulty later most likely)
~Improved [Syringe] usage (has more functions now)
~Improved EXAMINE mode's interaction, it should correctly display the point of interest(s)
~Improved optimization (hopefully)
~Fixed some overexposure in the intro
~Fixed intro shortcut
~Fixed EASY riddle difficulty door message overlapping
~Fixed pause menu not working, and you can now exit pause menu by pressing ESC/RMB
~Fixed resolution aspect not working when loading a level
~Fixed error when using [Toolbox] on [Broken Pipe]
~Fixed interaction in "Enemy List" section

Linux and Mac versions will be available in a couple of hours. Stay tuned for them as well.

We'd also like to thank Digital Dragons and its attendees for having us this year and giving us useful feedback, thus leading to this update. We're extremely thankful for all the support you gave us on Purgatorium project. Thanks for playing all the past demos and giving all sorts of feedback.

Thank you for recording various let's plays of our title. We've put your channels in the credits, because you're awesome!

This is the last demo version we're going to release. Of course, if you find a bug that we missed let us know, we'll fix it ASAP. Thanks for staying with us!

...and now, we’re gonna head onto the full game. Stay tuned for more info about Purgatorium: A Family Torn Apart"

~Purgatorium team 


Purgatorium AFTA Demo 0.4.0 [Windows].rar 307 MB
Jul 07, 2018

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