Monthly update #2 - Extending intro sequence and rotation in the dev team.

Hello everyone!

It’s late and we’re late as well. Updating on progress yet again!

Firstly, we’ve extended the intro sequence of the game, so instead of starting off with a long introduction, game begins with a bit of actual gameplay.

So before you all get thrown into the basement, you’ll get to explore a bit of an outside area.

Secondly, we’re currently having a rotation in the dev team. Unfortunately, I have a full-time job to keep project going, but I’ll also manage to create Purgatorium furthermore. Another thing is that our graphic designer moved on to new challenges, so it’s just me and Hades now. I just want you to know that progress might be slow, but we’ll eventually get there.

Thank you for supporting the project!

~Piotr Bunkowski Purgatorium director

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