Monthly Update #1 - Web Demo

Hey there!

So, we thought that it would be neat if you knew how Purgatorium is doing month by month. It’ll also motivate us even more to work on the project.

Last month we were mainly experimenting with things we can do in terms of story and gameplay. One of the things that Hades tried out was WebGL. He managed to port the Story portion of the demo for Web browser, so that if you want to try the game out, you don’t have to download it anymore. Although, we still suggest downloading the demo for a better experience and more content.
Demo Web Version is available right now on GameJolt site. We're currently trying to find a way to post it on as well without changing the format of the game from executable to WebGL only. So far it seems that we can only add either executable or web version.

Of course, there were a few compromises in making it happen:

  • All FMVs went from 1280x720 to 960x570
  • All area textures were downgraded from 2048x1300 to 1024x600
  • Small textures are even smaller now
  • Everything is loading realtime, especially FMVs (you’ll get the “<Loading FMV…>” message the first time you see a specific clip)
  • Audio quality has been lowered completely

Additionally WebGL version:

  • Doesn’t allow you to configure resolution
  • Doesn’t have double exposure effect (becuase it causes memory allocation and crashes it eventually)
  • Doesn’t have access to unlockables, enemy list and achievements (even though you can still unlock at least 2 achievements, but that’s it)
  • [Don’t Move] section might not be easy, and it may not work as well as on PC (for best chance at Don’t Move, be at full screen)

Unfortunately, it has ONE bug:

  • If you were to use the item incorrectly- Ann won’t say anything, no message (except you’ll get an error in the console)

There’s a chance that some browsers won’t work with WebGL. To our knowledge, Microsoft Edge uses the old version of WebGL which doesn’t support transparent particles.

Google Chrome was used for development and testing of the Web Demo.

Well, at least you’ll be able to show off our game to your colleagues at work :P

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this Web Demo of Purgatorium.

Stay tuned for more!

~Piotr Bunkowski
   Purgatorium director

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